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The Sussexes announced that they are expecting their second child this afternoon. Read on to find out 8 places they warn against going even if they are open—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You've Already Had Coronavirus. However, over the last decade they have been slowly diminishing as concerns about hygiene and the spreading of germs have surfaced. Over the course of the pandemic, most establishments have done away with their salad bars and buffets for good reason—COVID can be spread via infected droplets, that can travel from a person and into food. If you do happen to come across a buffet, it is probably best to avoid it to stay on the safe side. While exercise is an important component of health—both mental and physical—most experts share the concern that shared workout spaces provide the perfect type of situation for the virus to spread. For one, social distancing can be tricky in a gym, making it possible for direct person-to-person transmission. Additionally, if equipment isn't properly disinfected between every use and people fail to practice recommended hand hygiene, the virus could also live on surfaces and spread that way.

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